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  • Wastewater NPDES Permit Writing, Review and Response. NPDES Permits and other related documents have been posted for: EPA offshore discharges from Oil and Gas extraction in Cook Inlet, Alaska (updated August 2013); Oil and Gas exploration in the Arctic Ocean including Beaufort and Chukchi Seas previous permit (2006), draft permits (Jan 2012) and final permits (Oct 2012); BP oil spill (BPOS) in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM); Shell (2010) and ConocoPhillips (2013) Chukchi Sea Exploration Plans in the Arctic Ocean (public comment on the Shell CSEP ended December 7, 2011); Beaufort Sea Notice of Intent (NOI) to discharge; Mudline Cellar (MLC) illustration for ice keel and ice scour; NOAA Fisheries oil industry effects in the Arctic Ocean; BOEMRE EIS for the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas; USGS Arctic sea ice reduction, sea ice recession and increased development activity; BOEM 2012-2017 Draft Programmatic EIS (public comment ended January 9, 2012); USGS Arctic sea ice reduction, sea ice recession and increased development activity; Oregon STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) permit documents for the Lower Columbia River Estuary (LCRE), Willamette River, Tualatin River, Oregon Coast and other river basins; Oregon IW (Industrial Waste) permit documents for the LCRE. Washington STP permit documents for the LCRE. Washington IW permit documents for the LCRE including GP Camas Mill and Steelscape.
  • Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) - Review and Response. The Oregon DEQ Provisional TMDL Orders for the Tualatin River (2012) and Upper Klamath (2010) Subbasins have been added. The DEQ is awaiting final EPA approval for these TMDLs and has dropped the problematic Temperature TMDL portion for the Tualatin. The original Draft TMDL continues to be included on this website for the Tualatin River Subbasins. The DEQ closed the public comment period on the draft Tualatin TMDL on December 14, 2011. The Previous Final 2001 TMDL is also on this website for the Tualatin River Subbasins. The existing TMDL for the Willamette River Subbasins issued in September 2006 is also provided.
  • Rivers and Marine Water Quality Field Study.
  • Industrial and Municipal Effluent Wastewater Characterization.
  • Pump and Pipeline Hydraulic Analysis.
  • Pipeline Effluent Quality Modeling.
  • Expert Witness, Analysis, Reporting & Testimony in Ambient Water Quality.
  • TMDL - Total Maximum Daily Load Review, Analysis and Response.
    TMDLs Potentially Affecting Ambient Water Quality.
  • Outfall Diffuser Design and Review.
  • Thermal Discharge Analysis.
  • TMP - Temperature Management Plans.
  • Environmental Permitting Requirements.
  • Wet Weather Municipal Discharge and Stormwater Evaluations.
  • Alternatives Costs & Benefits Analysis - Effluent Treatment Design Requirements.
  • Site Mixing Zone Mapping - Conductivity & Dye Study Investigation.
  • Watershed and Water Resources Planning.
    See Environmental Salient for links to sites discussing: SHORT short-list of the USGS' Arctic Studies Initiative, fish contaminated with mercury posing worldwide threat, Hood Canal is called home by non-native sea squirts, EU deal to reduce carbon emissions, tidal-power generation in Puget Sound, new coal-fired power plants, sewage overflows, aging infrastructure, Exxon Valdez oil spill, plug-in hybrids, China's increasing pollution, greenhouse gases, ocean vertical currents, emissions trading, carbon taxes, environmental economics, Klamath dams, Everglades, ecology, risk-assessment, and other issues in the US and international forums.
    Technical Workplace discussion by Dave LaLiberte, P.E. at LEA, Inc. includes: Puget Sound and Cook Inlet work; updated EPA Effluent Guidelines Program Plan webpage; Oil and Gas Extraction Synthetic Drilling Fluids development document and ELG are added to this website; Ocean Oil and Gas Extraction Offshore Subcategory development document and ELG are added to this website; Arctic Studies Initiative (ASI) related documents; operative regulatory documents on day of BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico; seminal Puget Sound circulation and velocities documents; mixing zone diffuser port velocities; handy water science utilities; important mixing zone related regulatory documents; effluent limitations regulatory program documents including technical support documents and 40 CFR 400 to 471; and links for ordering from the EPA some key development documents for industry effluent limitations guidelines. The full development document for Seafood including Mechanical Bottom Fish is now compiled and available on this website.The full development document for Oil and Gas Extraction Coastal Subcategory is now compiled and available on this website.
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