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LEA Staff

Dave LaLiberte, MSCE, P.E., LEA Principal Engineer

Dave's qualifications comprise over 23 years of experience in surface water quality analysis and evaluation, mixing zone assessment, water intake and thermal discharges, biological criteria for water and sediments, hydrology and hydraulics, environmental quality control, sewage and industrial pollution abatement, effluent treatment alternatives and design, stormwater system analysis, discharge requirements for NPDES wastewater and stormwater permits, and environmental design. He has managed and performed on many environmental project teams assisting state and federal agencies, as well as municipal and industrial facilities, and non-governmental organizations in Oregon, California, Washington, Alaska and throughout the USA.

Arlene LaLiberte, LEA President

Arlene is President and Business Associate for LEA, Incorporated. She is a manager with over 20 years of experience in business enterprise. As primary owner of Liberte Environmental Associates, established in 1998, Arlene brings her extensive business experience to all endeavors. In addition to her duties as LEA business manager, she also assists directly in many environmental projects including support for: water quality and mixing zone evaluations, oil and gas exploration and production plan review and NPDES permitting, discharge requirements for NPDES wastewater and stormwater permits, sewage and industrial pollution abatement reports, and other projects requiring production support assistance. Her LEA business plan emphasizes delivery of environmental services throughout the USA in a demanding regulatory setting Arlene's full resume is available on request.