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Air Quality Permits Potentially Affecting Water Quality

Current Draft Title V Air Quality Permit- Released by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

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The DEQ comment period for this proposed renewal of an Air Quality Permit ends April 30, 2007. The facility is located in Portland, Oregon and operates an asphalt refinery that distills crude oil feedstock into various petroleum products including asphalt products. Emissions from the refinery consist of fuel combustion by-products, which includes PM10, CO, SO2, NOX) from boilers and furnaces, and volatile organic compounds (VOC) from process equipment such as storage tanks. The permit would increase VOC by 17 tons per year. In addition, the permit would make no change to the facility's carbon monoxide limit of 99 tons per year. Carbon monoxide is oxidized in the atmosphere forming carbon dioxide. The proposed permit would place no limit on carbon dioxide, a key global greenhouse gas.

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Paramount Petroleum Draft Title V Permit

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