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Air Quality Permits Potentially Affecting Water Quality

Current Draft Air Discharge Permit- Released by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Specialty Polymers, Inc.: Draft Air Discharge Permit Related Documents

The DEQ comment period for this proposed new Air Quality Permit ends April 9, 2007. The facility is located in Woodburn, Oregon and would allow operation of batch production processes of aqueous polymer emulsions. New emissions will be allowed for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at a limit of 39 tons/year; nitric oxides NOx at 39 tons/year; individual hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) at 9 tons/year; and combined HAPs at 24 tons/year. In addition, the permit would create new allowances for carbon monoxide at a limit of 99 tons per year. Carbon monoxide is oxidized in the atmosphere forming carbon dioxide. The proposed permit would place no limit on carbon dioxide, a key global greenhouse gas.

Specialty Polymers, Inc. Public Notice

Specialty Polymers, Inc., Inc. Draft Air Contaminant Discharge Permit

Specialty Polymers, Inc. Draft Review Report