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TMDLs Potentially Affecting Water Quality

Current Draft TMDLs - Released by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Bear Creek TMDL: Draft TMDL Related Documents

The DEQ comment period for this proposed TMDL ends March 9, 2007. The watershed is located in southern Oregon.

Bear Creek Watershed TMDL Public Notice

Bear Creek Watershed TMDL Fact Sheet

Proposed TMDL Documents for the Bear Creek Watershed :

Chapter 1: Executive Summary, Section 1-Background, Section 2-Temperature PDF 5.2mb

Chapter 1: Section 3-Bacteria, Section 4-Sedimentation, Section 5-Review of 1992 TMDL PDF 1.7mb

Chapter 2: Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) PDF

Appendix A: Temperature Assessment PDF

Appendix B: Bacteria Assessment PDF

Appendix C: 1992 TMDLs PDF

Appendix D: Riparian Shade Assessment PDF

Link to these documents on the Oregon DEQ website.